Morgantown magazine learned today that a BOM19 finalist business received an email congratulating the owner on his Best of Morgantown win—four days before the final ballot closed.

The email didn’t come from us, obviously. So we started poking around, and the mystery was quickly solved.

It turns out the fake email came from, a known nationwide phishing scam aimed at collecting name, location, and contact information on businesses.

Crafty jerks.

In our 8 years of conducting Best of Morgantown, with now 101 categories and hundreds of finalists each year, this is the first we’ve heard of this scam. But as for all email communications, if you’re at all unsure about a Best of Morgantown communication, check our website at or contact our offices at 304.413.0104.

As for those emails about herbal pharmaceuticals and Nigerian princes who want to share their wealth with you, you’re on your own.