Reclaim Design’s Sarah McBride shares tips for a spring refresh.

What are your favorite furniture stores?

I love to support local business whenever possible. Several local retail stores offer quality pieces with numerous custom options—a great approach for folks who need to see and feel. I’ve also had lots of success with online retailers such as Wayfair, Joybird, Article, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware. For smaller pieces, T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods can be gold mines. And don’t discount local secondhand spots like the Ranch Community Store—there are many diamonds waiting to be claimed.

What are some furniture-buying pitfalls?

Scale has to be the biggest “oops!” I stick to the saying “Measure twice, cut (or purchase) once.” Second, I’d say, is getting too matchy-matchy. Don’t necessarily buy in full sets. Mixing textures and embracing contrast create dimension, visual interest, and even comfort.

Paint or buy furniture—which one first?

Start with an inspiration piece like a throw pillow, couch, or Pinterest image, then build in that direction. You don’t have to solve it all up front—that’s overwhelming!
I find it way easier to choose paint color(s) after the main pieces have been selected, to be sure you get the correct hue.

What furniture will still look good in 10 years?

Neutrals, clean lines, and quality construction. Many retailers are offering fabric types (see: LiveSmart and Revolution) that are nearly waterproof and colorfast even to bleach solutions, so families and pet owners don’t have to wait to invest in a nice piece of furniture.

How much do you tip deliverers?

Anywhere from $5 to $20+ per person. Consider weight, maneuverability, stairs, set-up, take-away, and weather. Give what’s in your heart!