Morgantown athletes create nutrition bars that provide energy for hours.

As extreme outdoor athletes, Taylor Krivenki and Tommy Brown needed a high-quality snack that would provide a consistent, long-term release of energy. Their solution, Gravity Bites, can leave an athlete feeling full and energized for up to six hours. Gravity Bites are “the best snack available in the convenience food industry,” says Krivenki co-founder with Brown of Morgantown-based Planet Density Foods.

The bites are made with healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, coconuts, and maple syrup, many of them produced in West Virginia. Krivenki and Brown only use ingredients that fuel the body—no filler. “Our main thing at Planet Density Foods is that we take what the customers want and need and take the technology that we understand to create amazing products,” Krivenki says.

Gravity Bites are available at The Grind on Willey Street, or online. A package of three bites in flavors Double Chocolate, Blueberry Lemon, or Coffee Cherry goes for $3. Look for Planet Density’s other products, such as Mr. Sun Citrus Turmeric Elixir, also available at The Grind., @planetdensity on Facebook