BOM usually considers yoga a “Downtime” pursuit and massage a “Service.” But in recognition of the philosophy at double winner BlissBlissBliss—which encourages “a healthy union of mind, body, and spirit”—we’ve unified the two awards under “Services” here.

Now in its 10th year, BlissBlissBliss provides a broad suite of healthful services: its BOM-winning yoga and massage as well as other types of bodywork, energy work, and meditation. As its community has grown, BlissBlissBliss has come up with incentives to help people make those services habitual parts of their lives.

“At BlissBlissBliss Membership Massage and Yoga, we believe that energy and bodywork should be more than a once-in-a-while treat,” its website explains. “To us, touch is a fundamental component of wellness, and our prices are designed to support you in getting frequent bodywork. We hope your mind-body benefits.” Memberships package massage sessions, yoga classes, or both at discounted rates that let regulars make bodywork a lifestyle.

What works perfectly during a stressful week, BlissBlissBliss knows, may not be what a person wants to celebrate a birthday, prepare for a new child, support healing from an illness, or train for a marathon. To address the range of needs, it makes itself a home for practitioners of many types of massage—deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish, Ayurvedic, and others—and for yoga classes and styles geared toward many abilities and goals.

The gift shop at BlissBlissBliss carries essential oils, body care items, yoga and meditation supplies, local art, and more. And among other ways BlissBlissBliss supports community organizations, it will give 100 percent of proceeds from its Friday donation-based Happy Hour Yoga classes in 2018 to the Child Advocacy Center, Friends of Deckers Creek, Pet Helpers, and the Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center. — PK

3101 About Town Place; 304.413.0270,; @theblissblissbliss on Facebook